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BAUSAA team has the longest European Experience in Amusement Park Design. Each member is trained in problem solving, identifying eventual omissions or discrepancies which could be complying to the budget.

Moreover, the team is assisted by highly qualified experts with specific knowledge as market surveys, topographic surveys, ground moving, site investigation, landscape, electrical plants, fire-fighting plants, water supply & sewerage, engineering, direction of works, design, architectural decoration, historical research and more.


Franco Barazzoni

One of the main founders of the company, he was born in 1954. Graduated in Environmental Architecture in USA, he immediately started his career as theme park designer. He has cooperated with the most important American and European Companies in the Entertainment field, with a specific interest towards Theme Parks and Rides.

Up to 1991, he collaborated with “GAMES INDUSTRY” magazine, one of the best-known international amusement magazines in the world. In 1992, he began writing for “TECHNICS & LEISURE”, in the specialised field of Planning, Design and Management of Amusement Space and Structures.

Considered as the main architect consultant for the original SDC Company, he is still invited as an important lecturer by Municipalities and Universities to several meetings, conferences and seminars. In 2012 he was awarded for the design of Voronezh FEC “Star & Mlad”: “For high professionalism and excellent theme park and FEC design solutions combining cultural traditions, high quality and affordable costs”.


Attilio Casarotti

Born in 1951, from 1978 resident in the ME, he follows, as executive manager, several major construction and landscaping projects.
He’s in charge of BAUSAA’s marketing promotion in the ME with private investors, developers and Government Boards.


Attilio Barbieri

Chief engineer, he was born in 1944. He has been working in Theme Parks field since 1981. Due to his specific knowledge of planning, engineering and calculation, he is responsible for the design of all structures (R.C. and steel structures) and for technical specifications.


John Martin

Architect and one of the main founders of BAUSAA  he was born in 1945. Until 1977 he has worked with many American Entertainment Groups, including Disney Company. His main activity is the translation of ideas into feasible projects.


Architect, he was born in 1971, graduated from Florence’s University. He joined BAUSAA in 2001. Since the beginning, he has been involved in the architecture department, in creating new theming and environments. He’s able to transpose the new architectural trends in the amusement field.


Eugene Riofrio

Designer, he was born in 1977, graduated from Manila National College of Business and Art. He joined BAUSAA in 2005. He’s involved in the art-design department, linking the creating activity with the architectural direction.