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BAUSAA (BAUStudio® Architects Associates) was created in Dallas, Texas USA  in 1977 as a theme parks design firm.

The founder partners were:

Walter Spaggiari  (1929 – 1994), a businessman and chairman of SDC group, one of the world’s major amusement company of those years,
John Martin, an architect specialized in Theme Parks design,
Franco Barazzoni,  an environmental architect.

Walter and John had a very long and previous experience together.  They had worked for years in the Amusement Park field.

The theme parks design activity started with the development of portions in some of the important American parks such as the ‘SIX FLAGS’ and ‘MAGICMOUNTAIN’ parks.

In 1981 BAUSAA moved to Reggio Emilia, Italy where the European office is still located.

During the following years, the know-how and practical knowledge of BAUSAA  has lead an appreciation all over the world. In order to be closer to some of the most important markets, BAUSAA has established new locations in Saudi Arabia  (Dammam, 1998) and in Russia (Moscow, 2004).

In 2012 BAUSAA  won the  “Golden Pony® Award” as best Theme Park Designer of the Year for CIS Countries.

Today BAUSAA, wherever you are in the world, means Excellence in Theme Park Design.


• more than 35 years of experience in Theme Parks Design with more than 250 clients

• more than 600 feasibility studies and projects, for more than 40.000 A1 technical drawings

55  new Theme Parks entirely designed and built in 23 Countries

125 partial areas projects that have been built in more than 100 existing Theme Parks


Location of BAUSAA complete projects (from design to construction):

Baustudio World Map